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The Second Dream–the forgotten one

In this dream, I was living downtown in reality, but the dream was back at my former home. I had been grocery shopping with my baby grandaughter. At the time of this dream, she was about 9 months old. I got back to the house after getting groceries and she was sleeping, so I left the door open as I carried the groceries into the house. It was summertime. I got distracted with putting groceries away and throwing in a load of laundry and what ever other multiple tasks were always calling me away from my real responsibility…Before I had noticed, hours had gone by. I had forgotten her in the car! I remembered this and with horror headed toward the door. I became distracted by some unimportant task again however and ended up forgetting her for hours longer! In my horror I ran to the car and found her screaming and trapped in the car seat, half way hanging out with the shoulder strap under her chin, practically hanging her! I cannot explain the horrible awful incredible guilt I felt. I awoke to see the clock on midnight, which I thought was strange because I had heard that we never dream before midnight. I got up in such a state of unrest that I was crawling out of my skin. I paced around the living room until two am, unable to let go of the horrible sadness I felt that I had forgotten my beautiful granddaughter. I could only pray and ask God to tell me why I was so distressed, since it was just a dream! 

I heard a reply that night in my spirit. It was the echo of the Spirit of God, and He assured me that He would never forget his precious child, but others had, and His heart was breaking as mine was. I resolved that night to remember those who had been forgotten, to the best of my ability and with His help. 


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