The voice from the Lupines

Brian and I rented a house from Jeff and Lisl Fuson up on Mosher hill back in 2006. We had the most incredible view from Mosher Hill of Mt. Blue. I will never forget the incredible sunsets…

I had many lessons up on that hill. Lessons about love  and family, about hardship and sweet connection with my Creator. I hope to go back there one day, and watch those sunsets again. It was a time of learning for me, and I was always aware of a very strong spiritual presence. My life was uncomplicated and full of purpose. Howard, Meda, my mom, and caring for them as their lives finished their time here,  was some of the most incredible worthwhile, meaningful work of my life!

I remember family, friends, my pups, walks on the mountain, and college classes a couple of times a week kept me busy and content. I remember feeling like I was working toward a worthy goal. 


I wish I had paid more attention to how worthy THAT time was. I wish I had realized what an incredible gift that time was. I wish I had not rushed it.


Now we’ve moved off the mountain, that drafty cold old farmhouse, and I find I miss it! 


This is one of the lessons I learned up on that mountain, If you have ears to hear…


I was walking amongst the lupines that Lisl had planted years before. Purple, lavender, pink, yellow, white, cream, some variegated in color, mixed with stripes and spots, thousands of blooms covered the landscape, and they were all so different! I was practicing theological reflection at the time, and 


I casually, maybe a bit flippant?  I Imagestated to God “You must have hired a couple of angels to design these assorted varieties and colors of lupines, as if you would have time to pay attention to a flower…”  


When I say I was aware of a strong spiritual presence, this is an example of what I mean. The next thought I had (which was not really my thought) stopped me in my tracks.  


“You underestimate me”  


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